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Class Notes

Fidgit data

You can down-load SPSS to your personal computer simple go to the SPSS Page. 

Exam 2 Make-up. As stated in class you may take the make-up without penalty. Your grade for exam 2 will be the higher of the two grades. To take the make-up you need to make arrangements with me or Sharekka Bridges, our administrative associate. You will not need the computer to take the exam but probably will need a calculator. You may NOT use your cell phone and may not have it in the room with you. You have 50 minutes to complete the exam and you have until Friday the 10th to take the make-up. After that date you will not be able to take the make-up. 


Quizzes for study purposes Quiz1 Quiz2 Quiz3 Quiz4  quiz5      These are the quizzes we had on t-test, confidence intervals etc. quiz6 quiz7  quiz 9, quiz10, quiz11  quiz12

Quiz for regression and quiz for chi square

Class Data 


Video using statistics to fight crime. As  important as guns and police. 


Regression Data

Political Party Data

Chi square program: http://www.quantpsy.org/chisq/chisq.htm


dataset for Wilcoxon test  Excel data for Wilcoxon

dataset for Mann-Whitney test Excel Data for Mann


Independent Samples Data

t-test data

nursing home data

WLabor Data

Bcancer Data

Monkey Call data

Salamander Data

cry data. 

Cats data


As stated in class. Papers are due March 27, 2015. I will be available for consultation until March 24.

Wednesday January 16 we will have a quiz on scale of measurement based on these two videos: video1 and video2


Take these two nonsense quizzes and report your score. Please be sure and report both scores for both tests. 


http://www.quizland.com/f2quiz.mv?f15+NOMUSIC  results

First homework: Send me an e-mail.
Put PSY302 first on the subject line
Give me a 4-digit code to use to post your grade.
Complete two nonsense quizzes and give me your two scores for each test.

 Send me an example of chance in your life.

Also send me a picture of you for me to use to learn your name. 


For help writing with APA style go to: http://www.uwsp.edu/psych/apa4b.htm  

Grade Calculator

Exam Practice Data

Regression Data

Smoking Data,   Code Book 

Chi Square site  alternate site

Education Data

Wlabor data set.  Nursing home data

Chapter 17 dataChapter 18 Data

Cigarette Tax Data, Class Data Psy302

Here is a web site that explains the standard deviation. Evidence based medicine. 


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